Dog Beds
We provide only the best for your pet!

In our experience most pet owners tend to buy beds that are too small for their pets. Measure your pet while it is lying down in its normal sleeping position and then add 12 inches to determine bed length.

Budget Pillows/Craft Pillows
Created with the crafter in mind.

*100% durable bonded synthetic polyester covering (2 oz.)
*100% polyester filling
*Economical alternative
*Remains resilient wash after wash
*Medium firmness
*Made in USA

Comfort Classic Down
*200 Thread count Cloth Cover
*50% Polyester 50% Cotton Shell
*"Synthetic Down" is 100% Premium Polyester Fiber Filling
*Mfg. to feel like down without the fuss or expense of feathers.
*Remains resilient wash after wash.
*Fire Resistant
*Made in USA

50/50 Down/Poly Blend
*50% Down/Premium Polyester Blend -- 50% Feathers
*220 TC Cloth Covering meets all fire codes
*Standard in the Furniture Industry
*Modeled after those produced for Martha Stewart

10/90 Duck Down/Feathers
*10% Down/90% Feathers
*220 TC Cloth Covering meets all fire codes
*Passes the “V” Chop test.
Makes ideal throw pillows and cushions.
*Modeled after those produced for Calvin Klein
*Economical way to have the feel and look of down/feathers

25/75 White Goose Down/Feathers
*25% Down/ 75% Feathers (White Goose)
220 TC Cloth Covering meets all fire codes
Softer and has more down than the 10/90